Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Contests I am entering today

First I'll do the daily entry contests from yesterday (

I got 1 bonus entry by pushing the win button on Winjunkie (something to remember: if the win button doesn't work, I'm probably not logged in). I did some tweets and retweets for entries on rafflecopter contests (I'm @AmethystAmanda), voted on Picket Fence (whatever that is, but it's free to vote and no membership required), and did straight daily entries. The Golden Key Giveaway contest is now closed! Aw, too bad.

And... a new contest! From Booster Juice: Win Free Booster Juice Smoothies for a Year

I also entered one of the two new contests for free books on I love that site. There are one or two new contests almost every day. And I finished all of the entries for the Mom Blog Society contest that I'm going to do.

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